The Mockers



Perks of the Mockers
• Meeting places where members can meet to discuss important issues, swap information or do business.
• Mothers – The main hideouts plus safe houses where members can hide if they get into trouble. This could also be the first step to leave the area, if the ground is really burning.
• Training so that rookies can learn from experienced rogues. Skills could be anything from sneaking, climbing, picking pockets, swindling or something else.
• Clerics to care for wounded gang members.
• Access to corrupt officials to help smooth things over or get information. This could also be judges measuring out sentences or bribing watchmen to look the other way.
• Cheap access to illegal merchandise, e.g. tools or poisons.
• Fences to deal with people wanting to buy illegal services or merchandise.

What We Do
• Pickpockets
• Thievin n’ Nickin
• Loan Shark – ‘Lendin’
• Smuggling
• Bettin
• Forgin
• Swindlin’ (but only the idietts) or foreigners

• You look after yur own
• No tellin’
• No killin’
• No Bashin’ protection rackets
• No Drugs

• Mothers – A safe place to stay & eat
• Trainin
• Healin
• Bribin the local plod
• Fencin
• Gear for guild jobs
• If we sent you on a job then we will bring you back

The Unwritten laws

The Rules of Silence
You never speak of the Mockers except to others in the guild
You never reveal anything of the guild to outsiders

The Rule of Benefit
The Mockers is increasingly well thought of by the people of Ptolus as they give a proportion of what they take to the poor of the city. For this reason the guild never take from anyone they consider poor. They also never kill anyone in the progress of a job unless absolutely necessary. They never take so much from a person or organisation that it would ruin them, always leaving plenty for the fat merchant to get back on their feet and provide a future opportunity.

Guild members give 70% of what they earn to the guild in dues.
Guild members living expenses are provided for at Mothers
Guild members are provided with all everyday items at cost. The undermarket offers goods at 110% of PHB. Ptolus offers at 120-150% – It is an expensive city.
Guild members can purchase any magic items currently held by the fence at 100% of PHB

When on jobs – Guild members can access weapons, equipment, armour and items of magic from the Fence to a value decided by their rank in the guild.

Traditionally good stocks of common armour and weapons are retained by the guild but magic items pass through their hands quickly. Guild members would usually expect to buy their own (specialist) armour and weapons so that they can guarantee availability.

The Mockers

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