State of the Guild

The Mockers

Active Members: 76 ( 26 provisional, 50 accepted)
Associate members: 93 (Including all Toffmen and several fences in Undermarket)
Controlled Areas of the City: None
Controlled Areas beneath the City: The Sewers of 4 districts (Southmarket, MidTown, Guildsman, The Warrens). The Undermarket.

Following the successful clash with the Balakazar family over control of the snickelways the reputation of the guild has improved.

Chapter 13 Update
The party have been advanced in station by the green man. They now each have a room to themselves on the restricted third floor.

Chapter 12 – Update
With the current situation in the city a large number of people have seen fit to request entry to the guild (safe hideout anyone?). They are being processed on level 1 of the guild. Level 2 access is blocked to them.

Chapter 7 – Update
Following the ‘liberation’ of several warehouses owned by the Balakazars, the population of the poorer parts of the city hold the guild in high regard. Word is that the Balakazars are NOT happy and to expect reprisals.

Chapter 6 – Update
A group of retired and semi-retired members of the guild who left several years ago approached the nightmaster and asked to be readmitted to help in what ways they can. They were impressed by the change in direction of the guild – going back to its roots of helping the poor. Active members and associate members has increased.


The guild was once a pre-eminent force in the city of Ptolus, even extending beyond into distant cities in the Empire. Over a period of two hundred years the focus was lost and more hardened criminal elements supplanted the Mockers.

Several attempts at re-branding and relaunching the guild were made but all saw the guild slide into a decline. The most recent ‘Longfingers’ saw the guild trying to push into markets that they had traditionally spurned. Membership of the guild is at an all time low.

The breakthrough into the caverns and dungeons below Ptolus three years ago and the establishment of the Delvers Guild sparked a surge of interest in those who were reliable and could offer ‘specialist’ services to the adventurers looking to venture underground. Many guild members are also members of the Delvers Guild and spend time underground – establishing themselves as the most reliable openers of locks and finders of traps. Several of the main buyers in Undermarket are guild members and have established a reputation for fair dealing.
Other elements are trying to muscle in on this lucrative trade but at the moment reputation is winning out.

The recent move by the Green Man in taking over the guild and re-establishing the title once known across the empire (The Mockers) is considered risky but brave.

State of the Guild

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