The Still Night

Death to Insects!

Jacks – from the guild of scribers – there’s both a prison and a jail in the city. Jail is at water level and from here people can just disappear or, for a price, get released. The prison is on the third level of a building but people here tend to get to trial.

The Temple of Deep Chaos is where the permanent insectoids are coming from. Jack details this is above ""old town" (an area that sank during the cataclysm).

We travel to the prison with a view to killing any insect creatures and chaos cultists we find. Breaking in to the prison we find some resistance from human guards, some of whom are, we assume, purple knights. We find further resistance from insects and Dog. Bad dog. Gabrial is rendered unconscious.

The streets are largely empty other than a mercenary band and a group from the Sisters of Silence.

We encounter a couple of large insects as we pass to the prison. We test a ludicrous theory that the insects won’t attack anyone in purple. It turns out to be true. A piece of information to pass on to the guild perhaps.

REMINDER : the invading army is likely to use tunnels to pass in to the city. We let the guild know – hence absolving ourselves of the responsibility.

Above the prison we find 2 entries. The first is a small port hole that smaller, more nimble people could navigate through. The second is through a portcullis. The portcullis can be opened, we presume, by a one of a pair of levers in the prison guard house.

Dog is NOT a scout.

We rescue Dog from himself after he free dives in to the ocean and then gets stabbed up after wedging himself in the porthole.

Giving up on the prison for now, as we’ve made a hash of a stealthy entry attempt we move instead to the Temple of Kaos. We travel down beneath the house and down a ladder, exterminating a few rats on the way and in to a painted chamber with various chaos runes. We pass on to a tower in a large cave, guarded by a dwarven cleric, a massive rat and a large crocodile like creature. A tough fight later we retreat from the complex and return to the guild.

We travel to the Temple of Pelor and meet Kel Recent. He’s cautious about meeting anyone as a group from the temple were waylain and killed by a large group of insects. Is this the first time we’ve heard of insects being so organised? We receive some disease/restoration healings. Kal also volunteered to help us some time in the future.

We return to the Ghostly Minstrel where we’d arranged to meet Jevica the night before. Clearly we’d missed the rendezvous, apparently to the great annoyance of Jevica. Oops.

We do a bit of shopping in the undermarket – break enchantment, enlarge, etc.

We return to the guild and rest the night.



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