The Still Night

Return to the Bane Warrens

Back at the guild we chat with the Green Man. A seer has foreseen the return of a third moon – the moon of magic. It will bring chaos with it. The Sigil Children developed runes on their bodies under the light of the previous moon, and some of these people have been seen within the city. The Seer has seen the start of the end of the world and it would start in this city with creatures emerging from underground and killing all within its walls before then spreading across the world to slay all living creatures.

Eons ago there was a war between law and chaos. …

Talk within the guild is that the 50,000 strong nomads are on their way to Ptolus, having deviated from their original path. The army seems some weeks away.

The Green Man presents us with a lock of green hair that allows identification. It’s limited in nature but investigation in to its parameters starts immediately.

We have an appointment at the Wandering Minstrel to talk to Jinchtha’s brother Iltamar about what he learnt from his time in the chaos guild. Iltamar reiterates the Night of Dissolution and that it’d occur when an event happened in the sky (third moon presumably). The group called themselves The Brotherhood of Ptolus and are experts in poisons. The brotherhood had been working with the Ebon Hand. The Ebon Hand didn’t like the Centaur as he represented a third party of chaots. The groups talked about destroying an anti-chaos device to power a ritual.They talked about taking Iltamar to a house in Old Town after his surgery. The Centaur was always well organised and he came with plans. Iltamar knows where this house is in Old Town. We don’t really know what’s there but it would be worth looking in to as it seems to be somewhere where rituals are conducted. The poison being used was Ascara. ‘Thrall’ and ‘venom’ were also mentioned. Iltamar had also heard the name ’Wantad’and was associated with a ‘bell’.

We return to the BaneWarrens and cast the Legend Lore. [See “Legend Lore on the Door” in the Wiki section]. We find the Pelor paladin being attacked by the charming snake lady and a minotaur or two. A tough fight ensues and we prevail, if only just. The next time we meet the snake lady we should learn Silence and prot lightning before we go.

Kal Recent thinks the dragon rod is still within the bane warrens while the key (see Legend Lore) has left. “One is used to open the door and one seals it”. During the Legend Lore some people saw a manor house in the background of which was a cliff. We surmised this was the cliff separating the levels within Ptolus. Tar and Gabrial attempt to draw the manor house so we can locate it at a future date. It seems likely this manor house holds the key seen in the Legend Lore.

While venturing back from the warrens we encounter a couple of large insect-like creatures. We slay them but they poison Charity who falls limply to the floor after a while.The bodies of the slain insects turn to goo and inside we find the bodies of two small children. Etched on the body of the children are sigils. These creatures were the same ones we’ve seen in the building Iltamar informed us about. A neutralize poison cast on Charity fails to help and she’s slowly cocooned in a black. But by morning Charity has been covered in blue moss and all is well. The same can’t be said for Snub who’s been affected by the self-consumption disease though the Priests of Pelor may have a cure for the disease so we’ll take that down to Kal Recent and see what happens.

We talk to the Green Man who’s feeling compelled by the Commissar to go and have a meeting with him. He’s decided to meet the Commissar as he’s confident he can come out of the meeting unscathed. The compulsion is via some ancient ritual that the Commissar seems to have invoked.

[Miles was ill for a bit so some other stuff may have happened …]

We enter the house Iltamar told us about with a view to killing any insects and associated cultists. We’re not disappointed. A couple of cultists are slain and a couple of large insects. It seems the house is being used as the center for spawning of such creatures as there are dozens of broken cocoons littered about. A large tunnel has been dug down in to the earth from a corner of the house.

Tar has a close brush with death. While he didn’t actually die, though he was pretty battered, he did come out of an exchange with a gibbering creature with a mark of chaos on his forehead.

We head off down a deep and dark hole. Some 40ft down the hole stops.

We’re also offered the bashing of some Balakazar bashers.



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