The Undermarket

Just three years ago an adventuring group (believed to be sponsored by one of the noble houses) broke through an area below the sewers and discovered a vast underground area that spread in many directions and went down… and down…. and down…

During the last three years hundreds of adventuring types have braved the forgotten regions beneath the city but the mortality rate is high.

The Delvers guild was formed by several of the original group members who made the breakthrough and made its headquarters underground near the site of the breakthrough in a location in Midtown. The large cavern discovered there was quickly occupied by all manner of folk plying their trade, supplying those who would go into the depths.

The city authorities maintain a presence in the undermarket as they claim a tax of 25% of anything recovered from the depths. Of course where there is tax there are those who would help avoid it and it just so happens that one of those original adventurers who made the discovery was a member of the Mockers and quickly established some ‘alternative’ salespoints which offered much more reasonable rates and a means of moving goods out of the city via the sewers they controlled.

Undermarket offers all manner of goods but mainly those that would be useful to a group venturing into dangerous places. Because of the rather lax tax regime these goods are offered at just 110% of normal (far cheaper than in the city above). A discerning eye might suggest that much of the goods on sale actually came from down here in the first place. It is also possible that the ‘slightly worn’ foreign wares on sale may just have been once owned by those who have ventured underground but did not survive to return to the surface.

Neridock Bittersong – Scrolls
Derrance Springdark – Everburning Torches
Jinsa Hammerbright – Armour
Vembar – Fence
Seden – Apocathary

The Undermarket

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