Reading from the Parrot

Eons ago there was a great war between Law and Chaos. The roots of the conflict are obscure and shrouded in the mists of antiquity. Perhaps Chaos arose to spread decay and promote autonomy. Or maybe Law embarked on a crusade to stamp out discord and promote unity. Or perhaps a conflict between the sides was inevitable.

At first the two sides struggled without regard to good or evil, in a conflict for dominance untainted by other consideration. Warfare raged on several worlds. The opposing armies were mighty. The guardians of Law were the Wind Dukes of Aaqam, scions of an empire already ancient at the war’s beginning. The champion of Chaos was a mighty demon commanding countless more of his kind. The clash between the two was epic, but painfully indecisive. No matter how resolute and brave the legions of Aaqa, they could not force the armies of Chaos to yield. No matter how cunning and unpredictable the Demon Lord, his troops could not dislodge the Wind dukes from a single world. Battles were lost and won, but the war ground on.

The stalemate began to break when the Demon Lord appointed a new and powerful Spider Demon as his general. Miska the Wolf-Spider brought fresh troops into the war and his evil hordes cut a swath through the legions of Aaqa, crushing them and seizing control of world after world. A chaos army with Miska in the vanguard was unstoppable.

The Wind Dukes were quick to sense defeat looming over them, and they began gathering good creatures to combat Miska’s evil. However many chaotic yet good creatures who had deserted the Demon Lord’s army refused to join them. After a hurried council, the most powerful champions in the Wind Dukes’ armies withdrew from the war, leaving their best troops, the Captains of Law, the resist Miska as best they could. The champions combined their powers to create a weapon that could slay even the Demon Lord or his general and strike fear into the hearts of the minions of Chaos. When the weapon was completed the champions re-joined the battle of Pesh, on the world of Oerth. After weeks of manoeuvring, the two armies clashed on a vast volcanic plain. In the swirling melee that developed, the Captains of Law drove a wedge into the ranks of Chaos and separated Miska from the bulk of his troops. After a furious engagement, Miska stood alone, facing the bearer of the weapon and a single comrade. While the bearer’s companion sacrificed himself in a selfless attack, the weapon bearer drove the weapon into Miska’s body.

Stricken, Miska wailed in anguish and his screams were so terrible that every soldier on the battlefield was briefly transfixed. As Miska writhed in agony, his foul blood covered and penetrated the weapon. As the absolute law imbued in the weapon mingled with the Chaos in Miska’s blood, the fabric of the multiverse was ripped asunder. The weapon shattered and Miska was cast through a planar rift. The hordes of Chaos surged to the scene, but the weapon bearer gathered up what pieces he could and dove through the rift.

The sundering of the weapon spared Miska from death but a portion of his being remained in the weapon, leaving the general crippled. When Miska retreated to a citadel of Chaos, the Wind Dukes intervened, imprisoning him in a blue cocoon of pure law and setting him into a prison which would hold him for all eternity.

Seeing the devastation caused by the great conflict the Gods came together and created a prison of the world containing Miska, declaring that any who sought to reopen the wounds of conflict would be thrown into this place and forgotten.

The Wind Duke who followed Miska through the rift dedicated his life to securing and expanding the prison containing Miska and ensconced many other items of great Chaos or Evil within this prison. The pieces of the broken weapon have resurfaced time and time again sometimes within the prison world and sometimes (remarkably) outside it.

In the shadows, the Demon Lord plots, waiting for his moment to strike, while both fearing and coveting the only weapon with the ability to destroy him. He seeks the pieces to extract Miska’s essence from it so that he can once again join his mighty general and lead the armies of Chaos.

Reading from the Parrot

The Still Night Theurgy