Power Groups

Company of the Red Leaf – A large mercenary group within the city

The Inverted Pyramid – The mages guild in Ptolus and a central hub for mages across Praemal

The Fallen – (The Demons of Ptolus) – Demons who entered Praemal and couldn’t leave.

The Demons of Praemal – An overview of the hierarchy of Demons

The Pellor Faction – The main religion of Praemal and the largest bunch of god botherers in the city

Noble Houses – They are considerably richer than you

The Malkuth – Angels who also found themselves trapped in Praemal

The Sisterhood of Silence – Catholic Nuns with attitude and heavy maces

The Cults of Chaos – Weirdos, freaks and doomsayers

The Keepers of the Veil – A knightly order who oppose The Forsaken

The Forsaken – Not the kind of people you want to bring home to meet your mother

The Balacazar Crime Family – Large criminal syndicate

The Killraven Crime Syndicate – Smaller criminal syndicate

The Knights of the Pale – Goodly knights in shining armour

Power Groups

The Still Night Theurgy