Legend Lore on the Iron Door

Legend Lore on the door

You see images of a tall thin man, building, fitting and supervising the movement of metal plates, doors and flagstones. The images shift and a thinner, more strained face – framed by a hood casts spells on every flagstone, every plate, every handle. Strange insect-like metal arms wave as the air around them becomes charged – drawing power from somewhere distant. Again a shift and a gaunt figure can be seen writing runes onto a massive door, then another and again, and again. Layer upon layer of passageways and rooms, each separated by a massive iron door and each locked in turn. An ornate key is in his right hand fitting into each and every lock – half silver – half bronze it glows with a faint blue light. He uses it to open the great doors. In his left hand is a short metal rod with an ornate dragon head. He appears to use this to seal each door after passing through them.
Workers come and go. An area unfinished. Cracks appear. Floors shatter. The earth moves.

The key floats through time – appearing in various hands. A village of workers becomes a town. A town becomes a city on three tiers. The key passes through many hands but comes to rest on velvet below ground inside a grand house. The house is set in grounds that reach up to a tall cliff. It looks vaguely familiar.

The dragon rod rests in darkness.

Legend Lore on the Iron Door

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