The Still Night

Chapter 1 - Up The Alley

Several days in alley. Bigs are invisible to everyone outside.

Time passing fast, one or more season per day. Do not look up.

Bamber swallowed up by hole.

Army marches past and dogs have a fight.

Third moon seen in sky (via puddle).

Tree grows, nutritious nuts harvested.

Bigs bring back food and wood. Red and Charity covered in blue moss.

Man (Hayman) seen looking at alley entrance, but we cannot communicate with him.
Comes back later with a beard. Communicate with him using a picture on a stone.

Eventually we do not fall down the hole and Hayman can see us and talk to us. We realise that many years have passed. He believes this is some effect of the Time of Chaos. Explains a little about the city of Ptolus that we live in.

The party:
Slab, an ugly humanoid with elongated features and retractable claws.
Gab(rielle), a dandy elf with antlers and healing ability.
Dog, a huge barbarian with dog-like habits.
Tar, a dirty human female wild child.
Red, a human non-descript.
Chari(ty), a female human armored warrior with sparking fingers.

He invites us back to a house known as Mothers, HQ of the Longfingers Guild. We are bathed, clothed, and fed.

We deal with some zombies and skeleton in the Necropolis. Scary. Charity speaks to a ghost.

Guild has night of the long knives. Bad people in guild are toppled (the Shielded man). The Green Man becomes guild leader. Guild now known as the Mockers.

There is a undercity to Ptolus. The Delvers scour the underground sewers and Undermarket. Use the Mockers as preferred trap finders, due to be relatively trustworthy.

Party enlist with the Mockers. Our first mission is to clear out a safe house thought to be haunted.

The house is searched. Slab is covered in creosote, falls off the wall, falls through a trap door, and is speared by a goblin. We fight 3 goblins and a stirge. The stirge escapes into the sewers. We bluff away some more goblins who run away into the sewers. The hole into the sewers is blocked up.

While returning from the mission the party make a surprise discovery – a glowing portal within the sewers. Some experimentation demonstrates that it is possible to pass through it. While experimenting the party are observed by a character who initially interacts with them and comments on the fact they are passing into a solid wall.

Back at Mothers the group report our successful mission to the guild. Upon mention of the portal there are worried conversations and the Daymaster is summoned. It is quickly established that the party are somehow attuned to the old gateways of the ancient guildhall of the Mockers – a place no one even speaks of. The Daymaster explains that the guildhall was lost during a battle with the Balacazar clan over 30 years ago – with those still living at the end of the fight unable to regain entry having used the last coins of attunement. There were hints of a traitor but little more was said about this.

The Daymaster urges the party to urgently try and enter Mothers and reclaim the controlling artifact for the guild. He is worried that the interested party they met in the sewers may have been working for one of several opposition forces. The original underground location of Mothers is so valuable to the guild that the party are given all of the magic stored in the guild at that moment (although relatively poor pickings) and urged to go immediately to the portal. They are told that with no one having access, Mothers should be clear of dangers – there should just be a number of traps that need to be circumvented. These were not placed to be deadly, more as training aids to the lower ranks of the guild.

On the way the party meet a fake toffman but manage to enter the portal unharmed.

They pass through a number of traps that manage to waylay them but are surprised by a small, but powerful group of Ratmen and some giant rats that have somehow entered Mothers. The party explore Mothers, entering some unusual locations and almost succumbing to some deadly magical traps they had not been warned about. Through good luck or perhaps just a roll of the dice of fate they survive and eventually reclaim the wooden artifact they have been told controls access to the portals. Upon exiting Mothers they encounter the Daymaster and several of the guilds more prominent rogues, all in a bad way having fought a pitched battle. The corpses of the losers float past in the sewers, identified as part of the Balakazar clan. Two senior members of the guild lie dead and their remains are carried back.


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