The Still Night

The Night of Dissolution

Charity notices that one of her axes, the one that creates steam, has been replaced with another axe, two headed, that seems to bleed. Charity believes she’s seen it before and that it’s the axe that was chained up in one of the bane warren rooms. It’s likely the increase in magic has allowed the axe to escape its bonds and has chosen to take control of Charity. We decide not to ask ourselves any awkward questions and just rejoice in Charity’s good fortune.

Moving on we encounter:
5 brass humanoids – these obey Gabrial’s commands, presumably thinking Gabby is Deynar.
Small, circular iron chest – green, iron bracer in the chest. Gabby picks up the bracer. Charity feels the item should be left behind and reserves the right to say “I told you so …”.

We get waylaid by some gnolls, a minotaur, a couple of other beasts and a not-so-fiery, and now naked, woman; and a creature called “Greneris”. The fight initially goes badly with Gabby ineffectively headbutting the naval area of a large bear. It starts to look bad as we think about retreating when the caverns natural inhabitants start to attack each side. There’s some antagonistic conversation (“You should not have come here… the Kwarn will betriumphant.”) between the caverns leader, a large cyclops named Tamas, and the not-so-fiery female figure. During the fight one of the creatures gets thrown in to a large pool of gloopy liquid. Weirdly, at this point, the anti-magic affect now drops.

The fight continues. Tamas turns in to a white dragon and moves to attack the fiery lady. In anger, the fiery lady casts an enormous fireball killing Red stone dead and collapsing the bridge some of the party were on. As Red dies the cursed hat falls to the floor. Two of the feathers are completely destroyed and one now resembles a long straw/wand.

After a long and painful fight, in which Gabe also nearly dies, all foes eventually fall, including the fiery lady (Iladras?). After the fight, a fleeing drow is seen moving through a portal between some stalagmites. This creature has been seen before, perhaps the same one we encountered in the graveyard many moons ago. Talking to Varris about it later he mentions that the portal leads to the City of Doors.

We also pick up the 3rd part of the key to the bane warrens from the body of the white dragon. However, the second part has been destroyed by the magical flux and is now in two…. doh!

Moving away from the area we encounter Yashala playing with the little helpers – hopscotch. “The lady [Jevica] said I had to go to sleep but that’s boring”. Yashala suggests that locking the warrens is easy and that all she needs to do is to close the main door. Though to get her help we need to play her game.

We leave behind all the banes other than Sir Varris.

Sir Varris suggests the bane warrens will be destroyed on the night of dissolution.

We decide to leave the warrens. Yashala stays inside the warrens and seals the door behind us. Yashala insists that the hand remains with us. Just beyond the main warrens door are the Pelorians. We agree to give them access to the warrens in exchange for a resurrection on Red and plenty of other curative spells. We then condemned them to an eternity in the bane warrens.

We’re given the Kelcikaro – the breath of the last emperor. It can be used a single time. Break it open and the breath is release. It’s something akin to a massive explosion aimed solely at chaotic creatures. It may be useful in our attempts to stop Wantad.

= we all go up a level =

We go to get our chests from Jevica but it turns out the snickleways aren’t available.

We travel to the Temple of the 53 where we believe Wantad is performing the last rites to invoke the Night of Dissolution. The ‘53’ are the gods of chance. We expect the lost nomad king to be part of the ceremony.

On the ground level of the temple are a couple of initial guards, one of whom sounds the alarm via a large bell. We find a way beneath the temple via a secret passageway and encounter a “what’s the password” issue. We fight a couple of large demons and some little minions. Problems include:
– big loss of strength
– demons not affected by elemental magics and also have spell resistance

We make our way down some stairs and in to a major ceremony area. Three levels of elevation with caged archers, an enlarged Wantad, a cat woman, a large, heavily armored female humanoid, a mage and a couple of other minions. Wantad is now a huge demon-like creature.

Charity has a wander around with her big lollipop.



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