The Still Night

To Daynar's Lair

Haydn appears from behind a gravestone and invites us in to a mausoleum. We detect some fading teleportation magic on the entrance. Haydn is suspicious as to why our group has been asked to keep guard over the graveyards. Haydn surmises that some individuals of great skill were testing us and viewing our progress, or perhaps out skill set. Haydn spotted the watchers creating a blue portal through which they passed to escape.

Haydn used the phrase “ward pact” to describe the type of coercion the Commissar is leveraging over the guilds.

We travel back to the guild but find a guild member standing outside where the snickleway was supposed to be. Apparently there was a box, complete with legs and teeth, blocking the way in. We’re directed to the new location of the snickleway but the box has followed. Turns out the box is ‘woof’ and has found its way back.

We meet Kal Recent the following the morning. Kal mentions that he’s been expelled from the guild by Brother Heth. Brother Heth believes that an artefact of Pelor is down in the warrens (?) and is creating a force to venture down there. Kal Recent has been attacked by an Ogre Mage and Mind Flayer but managed to see them off. Kal offers to join us in our journey to the warrens.

We journey back to the warrens. In passing down the scree slope we spot a rune with what we presume was an alarm spell – so someone knows we’re here. We pass through to the spiral stair room and open the large double doors with the use of the skeletal hand. A set of stairs upwards await. A single set of footprints going up the stairs mark the dust – many days old.

As we try to wedge the door closed by gathering broken material from the main chamber we’re attacked by a big monkey and a gnoll archer. Abandoning the notion of securing the main doors we clamber up the stairs, leaving the gnoll archer alive in the chamber.

There are a few options up the stairs:
1. Wall of force protecting a triangular shaped room. Touching the hand to the wall of force removes the wall and we descend along a couple of corridors protected by secret doors. Beyond a sunken pit with some amenable mechanical crabs and a gas trap lies Gerius Astronimus – the architect and builder of the complex. Gerius is a mechanical humanoid trapped beneath some stonework. We ask about the dragon wand. We’re informed that we need to proceed from the outer warrens to the inner warrens by passing south. The dragon wand is within a vault. We need to pass beyond the blue stone plug by activating the lights in a NW, NE, SW, SE order. Gerius suggests there was a corruption about the creator of the warrens. Gerius suggests the warding rod should have been used to seal the warrens completely.
2. A bone-chillingly col corridor – wraps around to the back of the wall of force protected corridor.
3. Cocoons behind a glass wall. Lever at the end of the corridor. – Unexplored
4. Metal cage that takes the victim on a flight to the bottom of a long shaft. Beyond the trap lies a complete artifact, throbbing with power – a complete version of the lollipop shaped, giant creation in one of the earlier rooms. Flesh Golem. Mechanical spiders. Slicing room with 3 levers.

We recall that the creator of the warrens was associated with a bronze dragon and winged horse.

Monty the parrot …

We’re momentarily attacked by a large hag and a gnoll archer before turning tail and hiding behind the wall of force and a darkness spell. The night passes uneventfully.

Activating the lights in the circular room and then pulling on the teleporting lever removes the blue stone wall behind the wall of force. Passing through the now open corridor we pass to what may be considered as the inner warrens on the way to the vault.

We pass three small rooms, complete with magic items and pass through to a chamber with what we think is a petrified pegasus on a pedestal. The room gives us a feeling of well-being. A statue, (Daynar – robed figure with a wooden staff) sits in a corner with the following words written in Celestial:

“I see a future day when evil has gone … "



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