The Still Night

Monkey Business

As we wander through the corridors beyond the unicorn we find a statue of Estalada – was a nymph who was one of Daynar’s companions. Beyond this chamber is a small room with two lever’s and a glass door. We speculate Estrada herself lives in the water beyond the glass door.

Wandering back and through an area of darkness is a small chamber with a suit of armour hanging in the air above a pit. Lightning guards the path along. The soul is that of Tyranith Inveer who wants his soul removed from the armour. Tyranith was left here to rot by Daynar.

Down another corridor we’re set upon by hard hitting ape’s, perhaps guardians of a statue of Gaen, a rarely worshiped goddess of light, the Provider, that stands in a chamber at the end of the corridor. Giro is slain. Badly beaten by the apes we stay in the chamber over night in the hope of a miracle and the reincarnation of Giro. Towards morning (dawn?) 4 large apes appear as we sleep. Slowly waking everyone we move towards the creaky door though Tar stays close to the altar and to relearn spells. We make it out of the room but not before the monkeys awake and attack.

During the fight another group, including a mind flayer and a yuan-ti, appears and stuns Charity. As we finish off the monkeys a spider descends and teleports off with Tar. Charity is rendered unconscious from the combat. The mind flayer leaves a note indicating that unless we leave the warrens then Tar will have a slow and lingering death.

Venturing back to the city it’s empty of citizens. Meeting Nobby on the way back it seems all the normal militia have been killed by the insects and Nobby and his company (of the red leaf) are now guarding the city. Moving to the Snickleway Kal Recent passes through, unexpectedly. Turns out Tar has inhabited Kal’s body as Tar was taken by the spider to the Spire whereby, somehow, Kal’s body became available for habitation – given it was effectively empty. Tar’s mind was probed for answers on how to proceed in to the warrens.

We get Giro raised from the dead but need to go to the Pelor priests to get the lost levels removed. Moving out of the Snickleways we encounter a couple of giant insects.

We meet sister Delaney at the temple of Pelor. We learn that some in her order want to retrieve a specific sword.Sister Delaney considered this folly. During investigation in to Kal/Tar Kal collapses briefly. For a moment Kal see’s the body of Tar is being torn to pieces by those who took him. Kal see’s his body is kept in a high building with the sound of water. Directly above Tar’s body is a wooden spire complete with Bells – a church perhaps. Temple of St. Thesina in Rivergate?

We seek the advice of Jessica at the Ghostly Minstrel but she’s not available – though we leave a message. We then head back to the guild to seek advice on the location of the tower where Tar is being tortured.

Locating the temple in Rivergate we enact a plan to get Red in through the door as he pretends to be a wandering adept of Pelor looking for sanctuary. The plan works as we bluff our way past a halfling minion.

Climbing the staircase we encounter a funny looking lizard that turns Charity to stone and then further up we encounter Brother Heth, the priest of Pelor – so the Hicksien conspiracy theory turns out to be true. On a torture device, strapped down and manacled is Tar – or what’s left of him. Various tubes connect the torture equipment to Tar.

As globes of flame are exchanged, the door of an oven in the room falls off as spells are removed. A bloody fight ensues. As fire is absorbed in to Charities picture frame, and time passes by, the resulting expulsion of fire around Charity is partially absorbed by an oven which again explodes and takes down the last of Brother Heth’s minions and also rips the tubes attached to Tar. Tar becomes conscious and escapes from his bonds.

We eventually put Brother Heth down. Turns out he has another holy symbol other than just Pelor’s. Brother Heth’s minions had the symbol of …. on their tabbards.

We hear the sounds of a young girls voice goading us to finish Brother Heth off more quickly. Turns out the voice i coming from Nershala – a dagger! Who informs us that Brother Heth was one of the ‘Quarn’ (a place – the pack Lords used to live there before they became gods. The bone rings we found are symbols of the order – they fuse to the bone and allow the order to track the individual. The second holy symbol worn by Brother Heth we’re later told is of “Father Claw” (an ancient man who became a god).

Healing Kal Recent brings him round. Turns out Kal’s mind was in Tar’s body and hooked up to the torture equipment.

Nershala informs us that the Yuan-ti female leader walked past us and through a portal that exists on a thin ledge on the outside of the building. Nershala’s fading presence suggests the rest of her is in the Spire – either at the top or bottom. Kal finds some evil within Nershala.

Note: the oven was referred to as the ‘un-maker’. The top of the hilt of the dagger is of a skill and time lost in time – priceless.
Note: Nershala recognizes Gabriel as Daynar. On showing Nershala Daynar’s hand she goes quiet for a while. Nershala is a Dragon ‘part’ – part of the rod. There are 3 parts to the rod:
1) bane warrens (perhaps Nershala could point us in the right direction here)
2) in Quarn – through the portal (need to be much higher level)
3) Nershala is the third part

We return back to the church of Pelor. We regale them of our tale. Some had their suspicions of Brother Heth.

Purple Knights – may be using the Jail as a breeding pit and releasing more insects. We may need to break the prisoners out of the jail.



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