The Still Night

Numquam Utilis

The fight with the large, gut spewing demon continues. We try a blunt weapon, which also fails to damage it.

We hear a word of power, “Zog”, in our minds. Perhaps a coincidence, but our magic increases in strength at this point and some of our green tinted items explode.

We cure the creature, which seems to have some effect as part of its skin turns black and falls to the ground. The demon shrieks in anger and pain which sets off a series of magic item explosions. The fight proves very painful, not just for the number of people down at the end of the fight, but also for the loss of items – especially the big cure wand. The final death of the demon, after 4 large cures, results in some kind of mind blast that renders everyone unconscious for several hours. We also slay the 8 legged dwarf during the fight.

We eventually awake.

We find several notebooks penned by the dwarf detailing the workings of his large chaotic device. The device is there to gather the chaos within the world with the purpose of then utilizing the gathered chaos. The notes suggest the machine was months away from completion.

We move on up the apparatus to some of the other levels that we’d previously missed. In one of the rooms, we find some Abyssal writings. One of which states:

“The moon shall return, it brings the night”

We rest the night, unexpectedly learning new skills – the universe compensating us for the lost baubles perhaps. After a bit of curing, we use some of the scaffolding poles to pierce the chaos device. The device rumbles, groans and eventually starts to explode. A mad dash to the surface ensues.

On the way we meet Nobby who claims to have arrested all those upstairs, dragging out the locals hypnotized by the game of chaos. We make our way back to the Snickleway, encountering a few giant insects as we go.

When we return to the Snickleways, we’re asked to see Jevica Nor and Haydn. It seems Jevica and her mages are settling in to the northern quarters on floor three. We’re informed that we fought one of the ‘vested’- a Zorg. Jevica is surprised we’re still alive. The Zorg is, apparently, one of the weakest of the Vested. The curing we put on the creature were unusually effective. Previous combats have resulted in people fighting a Zorg for hours with positive energy, with little effect.

Some more information on the crystal : The one that generates the wraiths that we encounter on entry to the Bane Warrens, is the crystal that Wantad was searching for.

Info: The flaming, naked woman entered the bane warrens this morning.

Info: The altar had a lingering presence of Law – indicating it’s of the strongest essence. Woof is also of the strongest essence of Law… suggesting it’s of an artifact level.

Info: There are some boxes, called the Verdant Chests, linked to the green moon, cannot be opened, even by a wish. The boxes occasionally have images on them that briefly appear. The current images suggest the boxes are linked to each of us. One of the images, for example, is of a small child leaping over a crack in the floor. This could represent dog.

There was a time when mages were hunted down and killed by a sword they call the Sword Of Lies. This sword was termed the Sword of Truth before it was corrupted. Jevica wants the sword kept in the warrens.

Sister Marrow Von Witter – one of the priests of Pelor, complete with a substantial force of paladins and clerics have entered the warrens, seeking the Sword of Truth.

Another group has also entered the warrens. Little is known other than they “bend magic”.

Jevica has suggested that she and her apprentices enter Quarn to recover the third part of the bane warren sealing item while we retrieve the second.

Jevica suggests we’re just a few days away from the Night of Dissolution.

We describe the watchers to Jevica. She seems extremely dubious about our description of a portal which she describes as a “planar portal”. She describes this event as impossible. Perhaps the ‘watchers’ are whoever created the prison plane we exist on.

Jevica mentions that Yashala is still suspicious of us and thinks we may be nasty, due to imprisoning an angel. We suspect Yashala was referring to Daynar, rather than ourselves given she would have mistaken Gabriel for Daynar at the time.

Travelling back to the bane warrens we encounter no wraith – the crystal having been moved. We travel to the second level without incident. It’s clear that many of the bane room are now empty. we follow a trail that others have blazed, with opened room and scattered contents. We descend to the third level, with the statue of the pegasus to continue our search for the dragon shaped handle of Yashala.

We pass by a few rooms. The first room has a ghostly hand. The second contains an air elemental. The third contains a skull within a cage. “More visitors” the skull pipes up. The skull confirms that the priests of Pelor came down here hours ago, followed by Flame Tongue. Following flame-tongue was a group of humans and a minotaur, accompanied by some lovely ladies. Sir Varis is the name of the skull, apparently locked up for being a skanky old pervert.

Sir Varis lets us know that the retributive strike from the separation of a staff of power is what killed Daynar. The Staff of Power being the three part item we’re after.

We conclude our conversations with Sir Varis and look to move further along. Just around the corner there’s a visage of Daynar imploring us to go no further, lest we release some of the greatest of evils.

Sir Varis provides a clue as to disarming the traps, that there’s a word associated with Daynar that if we utter the traps will go off. We eventually mention Estalada and the traps go off. We take Sir Varis with us to help as we go.

One of the great doors is open. Sir Varis suggests this is due to the green moon removing magic.

Info : Daynar became Malagoth when he became evil.

We enter a preparation area, where items were sanctified or classified for imprisonment and shortly afterwards we meet Kel Recent and other members of the Temple of Pelor. Their group has met with a vampire, one of the ‘fallen’. The creature whispers evil into the minds of Pelorians which makes it difficult for them to continue.

Info : The Fallen. One of Daynar’s friends was a follower of Pelor. When Daynar fell, Daynar corrupted him (?) and he became a vampire, particularly powerful against the faithful. The Betrayed are those who have been turned away from their god and who are now bitter and twisted.

We move towards a temple area and are beset by wights, skeletons and the vampire. Gabrial and Charity are turned, fleeing in to the distance. Red and Giro slay the vampire, turning it in to mist. We follow the mist to a black pudding filled vault, slaying the pudding and locating the misty vampire in a small box. Pouring holy water in the box, we seal the box with wax and remove it from the temple. We look for the priests of Pelor to hand over the box but they seem to have retreated somewhere.

Info: Warden Valacor
Info: Malagoth used to sign himself with a simple black skull. The Sir Varis informs us that the area we’re in now isn’t part of the original bane warrens.

Continuing our search we come across a large cavern. created, we presume, by the eruption of the staff of power as part of its retributive strike. Within the cavern is a large crater, likely at the epicenter of the blast. From within its fiery center emerge 3 slaad demons that attack. We slay them but Red (once) and Giro (twice) are afflicted with two burrowing eggs that worm their way around bone and tendons.



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