The Still Night

Chapter 7

To the Bane Warrens!

Red is woken from his slumber by the stuffed parrot which has had a dream of (perhaps) events past. An ‘epic’ battle between Orcus (great horn headed demon), more, smaller, balor demons are fighting against a host of multi-hued elves (?). The fight lasts for hours, if not days, and it looks to the parrot like Orcus is winning.During the dream the parrot sits atop the elven leaders shoulder

Message from the Day-master: The guild kept an eye on Illtamar who was taken last night – sack over the head job. Illtamar had been talking to a tall, thin guy with dank looking hair who worked behind the bar. They had some recognition between them, perhaps through a ring they were both wearing. The inn in question is in mid-town, The Ghostly Minstrel.

Message from the mages: “Somewhere in the bane warrens is an elf who has the answers”.

We travel to the ghostly minstrel and employ a street urchin from the guild to ask around to see if anyone saw the abduction of Illtamar. Coincidentally, the red armed mage from the inverted pyramid guild will meet us at the Ghostly Minstrel at dusk, so we plan on returning later in the evening.

We head on down to the Bane Warrens to complete their closing. We encounter the shadow creature, again, which drains us, again. We encounter a large blue troll-like creature that regenerates anything but fire damage. We force the creature to teleport off and seek to rest but the creature reappears 10 minutes later and interrupts us. We again force the creature to teleport off and move to save the life of a beautiful female adventurer caught in a pit trap. The creature encourages Red to seek vengeance on her behalf which he accepts. Her foe is a priest of Pelor. Red moves to attack but the priest eventually gets the better of him and he’s rendered unconscious.

Chatting with the priest of Pelor it seems he is now cursed and cannot leave the warrens. The priest was infected by some shambling creatures. The curse seems to overcome the victims senses and the creature starts to devour itself.

Within the area the priest is found is a large piece of mechanical apparatus; a tall stem with many branches, atop of which is a large sphere almost jigsaw like with a few missing pieces. Also within the room is a large set of double doors with numerous symbols etched upon them.

The priest hands a wooden cross to us and asks us to hand it over to Sister Delania Verunun. We’re to say that she handed it to the priest under the third star on the night of the rising moon. The Sister resides in the Grand Cathedral in the noble quarter. This will show the sister that we met the priest.

We travel to the Grand Cathedral and show proof of our meeting with Kel Recent and explain about his predicament. We hand over the body of the monk who accompanied Kel. The order of Pelor asks a task of us. We’re provided with a scroll of legend lore and asked to read it upon the doors, and to take supplies to Kel. Brother Fabitor gives us the 2,000gp offered for the task.

Evening arrives and we travel to the ghostly minstrel. The street urchin tells us that 3 men waylaid Illtamar. They were humans but with nothing in particular to identify them.

We meet Jebica in the Inn and inform her of our travails in the warrens. She suggests the only reason the warrens were broken in to was because the seal just wasn’t finished. Jebica opens a scroll upon which is written ancient elven. Whenever she taps the scroll further writing appears. We notice the words “tremoc Korin”. Apparently “tremoc Korin” means the “bane heart”, the centre of Jabel Shamar and the door in the bane warrens could lead to the top of the tower. -Necrophagon, a disease that causes people to eat themselves – not heard of in centuries.

Jebica wishes more information about the bane warrens and wishes to maintain our services. If we’re willing to work for Jebica then she can provide us with an item of our choice up to 2,000gp.

We retire to the bar and try to keep an eye on Jemil, the barkeeper who worked with Illtamar.

We follow Jemil to a meeting of a brotherhood of chaots. Red enters inside with an almost impenetrable disguise and meets Nobby, who recognises his manly odour. Nobby is now working security detail with a couple of other goblins. Nobby allows Red to continue in to the meeting where a bunch of inept cultists are meeting,

Dilar wasn’t available – a centaur so one of the cultists chairs the meeting. The Ebon Hand seems to have been driven from the city, they mention, -they were taking some people and taking them away to change them. The unfortunate creatures were being taken to the temple to be changed in to chaos spawn. Illtamar was mentioned as having been too talkative and had been taken to the surgeon. The meeting ends with Red pilfering a ring from one of the other chaots.

We decide on a ruse to talk to the surgeon about a bit of augmentation work. We talk to the orc with Dilar and they get us to follow them to a secret location in old town. It turns out to be a trap and we’re attacked when we arrive. We slay the centaur and his minions but a humanoid creature, probably the surgeon (metal chin, horn and clothing covering a large frame), utters “you fools, why did you bring them here, don’t you know who they are?” before teleporting off.

We find Illtamar. Illtamar mentions that there’s a plan to raise a device to the sky that’ll stop the chaos. They’re getting together with the Ebon Hand to transform people.

We take one of the cultists to the sisters of silence and tell them of their plans. They seem very interested in the location of the surgeon.

We return Illtamar to his sister. 10% off all amour!!!



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