The Still Night

Chapter 6

Back at the guild the chest is opened with the All key – at the major expense of one of the guild members (using the key steals a several levels). Inside the chest are a number of useful magic items.

Wantad and his cultists are probably from the cult of the Tolling Bell – that seeks the end of the world.

Kell Recent – a champion of the church of Pelor was investigating some strange goings on. He went missing around a week ago. Kell is 5ft 6in, half elven by blood and normally dressed in plate mail with long golden hair. Kell had a companion, Blacklyn, 6ft human dressed in grey or brown robes. Bald. The church of Pelor has promised 2000gp (and an extra 1000gp from a priest) for his safe return. Spells cast haven’t been able to find Kell and the trail has gone cold.

Bizarrely, a chap runs down the street on fire. We quench the fire.

There are rumors that KillRaven is looking to remove the Balakazars. This may be an opportunity for our guild to attack the Balakazars when the Balakazars retaliate against the Kill Ravens. We’re put on a 10 minute warning before we move against the Balakazars.

Ginsa has left a message for us. She needs some help and asks us to go to help. We travel down there. Apparently Ginsa’s brother, Iltimar, is infatuated with a strange woman and that “he’s not himself”. Ginsa hands a ring to us. The ring is one of a broken square (a symbol of chaos) that she obtained from a group that Iltimar is becoming obsessed with. Ginsa obtained the ring from her brother without his knowledge. The Brotherhood of Ptolus is the cult responsible.

One of the guild members comes over and let’s us know that there’s a woman standing next to the snickleway in North Market -seemingly just hanging around it.

We move to talk to the woman who appears to have an animated arm made of red glass. When weconfront her she introduces herself as Jevica Nor from the inverted pyramid (mages). This guild is against the guidance of Pelor who state that such magical guilds should be outlawed. She wears green robes and a bent staff. She wishes to employ our services, having cast spells to find that we were the ones she needed.

Jevica informs us that the wishes and miracles her guild have cast won’t let them enter the great spire at the center of Ptolus. Jevica wants to seal up the evil artifacts at the top of the tower. [If we ever find out how the evil artifacts are sealed in then there’s good money from the guild for that information].

The bane warrens (just below the tower) were sealed for centuries but something has escaped. Jevica is interested in paying us to seal up the bane warrens. 1000gp a piece is offered for our services. We’re to seal away whatever we can and to let Jevica know what we find and how the place was sealed. Jevica let’s slip that whatever escaped has an interest in ourselves. Whatever escaped did so a couple of weeks ago.

Scribbled on to the note:“The entrance is in the wine cellar in a manor in old town.”. There’s a map drawn to the location.“The house is vacant, leave word with the barkeep at the Ghostly Minstrel in North Market. Expenses provided.” A bag of gold appears at our feet with 150gp each.

We attack two of the Balakazars warehouses and defeat some minions. The peasantry are allowed to come in and help themselves to stolen goods once the place was cleared.

On our return we’re asked to get hold of some alchemical fire that the Balakazars were using and to return it to the guild for examination.

We move on the task given to us by Jevica and travel to Old Town. While scouting out the old house we spot someone watching us. Confronting the figure he reveals himself to be Tavern Zith. Tavern had been locked up for many years (centuries). Tavern welcomes us as followers of the true faith, as agents of chaos. Apparently we have an aura that helps others recognize us. Tavern is one of those who escaped from the bane warrens when a group of yuan-ti like creatures smashed their way in. Jevica makes his excuses and leaves.

Travelling in to the house and down to the wine cellar we find a tunnel dug in the earth. We later encounter an umber hulk that we eventually slay.

We wander along a tunnel and find a scree slope. Tar investigates and slips down, prompting a nearby apparition to attack. After slaying it a couple of times we move to investigate further and find an iron door covered in runes. The door’s open and a discussion ensues as to whether this is the entrance to the warrens themselves or to just a single cell. Red closes the portal, after which the door seems to magically re-seal itself.

Shortly afterwards we’re attacked by a couple of insect creature that seem to have made their way out of an insect infested pit. The pit is surrounded by runes, similar to the ones on the iron door.

After slaying the insect creatures and looking to leave, a figure appears, dressed in green robes and insubstantial. He introduces himself as Gulab,a servant of Jevica Nor and insists we tell him what we’ve found so far. He wishes us to dig further and suggests the iron door isn’t the one that controls access to the warrens.

We return back to the guild.



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