The Still Night

Chapter 5

Escape from fort doom

We wander around the fort and find some further clues:

The Cobbled Man: ‘Owns’ one of the forts towers. It’s a creature cobbled together, made of many different parts of other people. It eats the occasional bird and drinks rainwater. His home is one of the round towers.

Radanna Scalth:

Urieth: Tried to communicate with Taunell and came up with the theory that Taunell can see whatever is in the fort. Tried to put Taunell to rest but failed.

Taunell: The priestly spirit can see anywhere in the house but he can only be contacted in the gatehouse tower. His spirit can travel to different parts of the house but it’s difficult so he rarely does.

Kay to the square tower: lost

Night of Dissolution: Radanna kept on going on about this and “coming changes” and Lords of Chaos. The spirit can keep out people it doesn’t want and to keep inside who it doesn’t want to leave. But when it sleeps people are free to come and go.

The Goat Headed demon = an “earthbound demon”: Appears in a mirror cleaned by Gabrial. Was summoned by Radanna and lives in the tower.It disrupts Maquent’s ability to tell the future. Can summon other demons using the “Dark Reliquary”.

The fat man statue: This is the spirit keeping us here. Rumoured to be Radanna’s doing.

Maquent Dellisaria: Wrote a diary, one of whose pages we find in a book thrown at us by a poltergeist. She was slain when the Paladins arrived. She was one of the true great Seers. [Do we need to raise her?].

Treasure: Radanna apparently hid some weapons of power in the cellars beneath the house and used by the enchanted statue to seal the entrance. The weapons would be used by the cultists to fight the enemies of the Night of Dissolution.

2 halves of the key: Circular disk with a red swirl. Radanna has a half of the key and Maquent. Only this key, the “spiral contrivance” can move the statue. Maquent’s half of the key is hidden in the Cobble mans tower. Radanna’s half of the key is likely to be beyond a secret door in a ceiling somewhere.

We hear “Chaos is the key” echoing through the house.

Searching around the roof top garden we’re attacked by Radanna, in undead form, together with some more skeletal lackeys. Rats are disturbed at the same time and a big and painful fight ensues.

We search a roof top below and find a mid-sized key -perhaps fitting a large chest. Or is this for the square tower? Yes – it’s the key to a secret door in the ceiling on the 5th or 6th floor.

Searching one of the large rooms we find some red chaos robes and hoods. These have chaos symbols of the 8 pointed star or of squares within – squares.

Investigating the leaky ceiling Dog gives it a poke and removes part of the ceiling. A stone block falls down and hits dog, causing him to turn and flee over the crenelations. Dog falls 30 foot but to no ill effect. As we investigate further Slab puts his head through the ceiling to take a look. Two large demon hounds and the goat headed demon stare down and then attack. We retreat, get a bit of healing and head off towards the safety of a distant tower.

We meet Taunell who fills in a few of our gaps in knowledge. We rest the night.

We head off towards the square tower and locate the key hole in the ceiling. Above the ceiling is a treasury but many of the storage holes are empty. We do find an amount of cash, together with half of the red spiral key. In addition, a crude statue of a demon is found. Touching the statue Slab has a vision: Slab flies beyond land and river to a place beyond. Slab seems to be transformed in to the stone statue. Slab is greeted by an ‘Orcus’ figure who talks in an unknown tongue. Orcus is then assailed by a much larger Orcus figure who emerges out of a circle of light and states “I shall take care of this world myself”. Slab is then struck by Orcus and blanks out, awakening a couple of minutes later.

We speculate that holding the statue would help you speak and understand the language of the Orcus figures.

We head up one of the circular towers and move across an open causeway. At the other end of the bridge is the circular tower. Slab and Gabriel move across and are set upon by the Cobbled Man – a stitched together creature made up of odd parts. A fight on the middle of the bridge with people lying down to protect from the wind ensues. Eventually the creature is slain and we retrieve the second piece of the key from around its neck.

We rest for the night and heal up. We rest a further night to regain what little healing we have available. People are still effected by diseases and continue to shake uncontrollably.

The Statue continues to cycle between 3 different mantra’s “I go to feed”, “Come to me”, “Chaos is the key”.

We believe that when the statue says “I go to feed” it leaves the building allowing us to leave the fort.

Venturing to the statue we wait for it to say that “Chaos is the key” before placing the two parts of the key into a small tray that appears in the creatures belly. As we do so the statue slides away revealing an opening beneath it.

The party is split between those fighting the bone giant below and those fighting huge rats above.

Within the long chamber is a shaft with a throbbing membrane over the top. Piercing the membrane reveals an icy chamber dozens of feet below.

Within the chamber are the following:

2 ram-like creatures (minotaurs?) frozen in the ice. Between the creatures is a book – “The Book of Faceless Hate”.

Chest #1: “No chains can bind us, and no lock can resist the magic of this key of freedom”

Chest #2: “Tools of the fearsome chaos priest”

Chest #3: “Hear the words of chaos fools and despair”

Chest #4: “This will pierce the heart of an overwhelmed tyrant”

Chest #5: “A blade to slice the flesh of any foe of freedom”

Chest #6: “Twinned weapons sure deal to deal death to the oppressor angels”

On the great iron doors:
“The greatest threat to the stalwart kings of Order, Viog the Slayer”

Upon breaking open the “All Key” we find a small ball of flesh and metal. This drains a level when touched. Dog goes to open up the next box when the Minotaurs become unfrozen and move to Slab:

“Brother, the Night of Dissolution has come” they say. And as they look expectantly at Slab Dog attacks.



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