The Still Night

Chapter 4

Journey to the Ebon Hand

Talking the in pub about any dubious events around the bridge a local mentions about a spate of disappearances of people.

We enter the sewers and make our way to the Temple of the Rat God. We find some store cupboards but can’t get through another secret door – so we’ve drawn a blank in the Temple. Perhaps we need one of the thieves guild to come along and open the door.—

.. or at least that’s what we think. We wander further down the tunnel and meet the temple proper. We kill a small number of undead. A large albino rat and other friends wield two-handed swords and long-spears chase us away. They have a spell caster summoning small demons that spread stinking clouds. Gabriel falls to the blows and a couple more of us are nauseated. But we make it to the exit and go back to the guild.

We’re told by the guild to bring back a rat guild item or holy symbol from the Rat temple as evidence of their presence. The guild suggests we could ask around in the city to see if the rats leave their lair during the night and maybe intercept them outside of their lair. Urchins and beggars that live in the city streets may know something.

We go back to the rat lair and conjure Malphas. Red sends a raven down the tunnel to wait for the albino rat man door to open. Through this door he hopes to send a raven to view the inside of the temple.

While the raven is waiting for the door to open we hit the streets and ask the street beggars for information on the rat men and if they’re out at night. We’re told to talk to Old Joe at the temple of Lankamar.

We go to talk to Old Joe and he offers to have a look for big rats. We’re to wait until tomorrow and then come back to find out what he’s learnt. When we mention gold is on offer he offers to enlist various street urchins in the task.

We go back down the sewers to scout out with the raven. The rat temple is empty, hastily abandoned. We find a notice from Malack that indicates the rats were kidnapping and murdering small children but that Malack was concerned the watch was catching up with them. One of the symbols on the wall suggested the rats worshiped Aboth (pestilence & filth demon) – a ‘Galchuth’ (demon locked on this world).

Moving beyond the temple we travel through tunnels to the Ebon Hand temple area, killing some guards on the way. A bed chamber, library and torture room are discovered. We decide to rescue some prisoners and take them back to the guild in the hope they can provide enough details that can be used against the Ebon Hand. It’s suggested we take the prisoners to the Silent Sisters to heal them of their injuries.

A couple of us have also picked up the ‘shakes’ from the poo infested rat lairs.

The guild also mention that a sect of Angels, militant and lawful in nature, are looking for the alley dwellers …that’s us. [Clearly this is a lie as the guild try to frighten us in to staying with them].

We move to the Silent Sisters temple and talk to Sister Marie. We tell them of our journey under the city to the rat temple and try to persuade them of the Ebon Hands guilt. After presenting some evidence the Sisters decide to mobilize against the Ebon Hand as they’re been trying to engage with the city militia against the Ebon Hand. The Sisters also agree to raise our high priest from the dead.

[Alas, all the nuns are frigid]

The Sisters mobilize and assail the Ebon Hand. The Ebon Hand are all slain with the loss of one of the Sisters. But the Sisters are grateful for our hand in this and offer to raise the priest for free. After the Raise Dead is cast we go back to Mothers. The ‘shakes’ continue to take its toll.

We start the search for the All key.
The Crimson Coil were the last known owners of the All key so the first step is to find more about this cult. Talking to one of the temples affiliated with knowledge suggests the cult may have been some kind of militant order. They suggest we talk to the Knights of the Pale (reverent’s of Lutheran Saints… they deal with supernatural threats).

We go the Blade Chapel that houses the Knights of the Pale. Knights in shiny armor stand guard. We learn that the Crimson Coil was a cult for the worshiping and contacting demons. The Knights of the Pale wiped out the cult and ‘bricked them up’. We learn the location of the battle and of the Crimsons Coils original home. A great ward of Law was apparently placed on the coiled house. The Crimson Cult were attempting to consult with demons to find out about the past or the future.

We scout out the Crimson Coil fortified manor house with a raven though the raven is quickly dispatched by the ward. There seem to be some flying guardians/larger birds guarding the three towers above. Red see’s a rune on the door and pushes forward to touch it. Red collapses and is dragged back, unconscious. The rune has disappeared and Red recovers consciousness a few minutes later.

We enter the manor house and start looking around. The doors close mysteriously behind us and we’re assaulted with arrows and caltrops. A giant rat is slain and we make our way through the manor house. Some more rats are encountered, together with a flying cow, monkey and dog.

We meet an apparition, one that only Charity can see: “Below the old house, in the caverns. They hid it, with their treasure. Most fell to the blades of the paladins. Many others were murdered by their own people before they could be taken. Few, who were not present, managed to escape. They watched from afar while the place was ransacked and never returned. I am older than the Crimson Coil. I am Tornel, I died in this place a long time ago.Long before the brothel, long before the cult. I fell from the battlements”.

“I MUST FEED”. We hear this echoing through the house.

A fool sacrificed himself to become the guardian of this place. He guarded the maidens, the women who worked in this place. Few of them understood what they did here. Radana, before the paladins came, slew many of the women herself. She was struck down, her corpse lies below us.

The jar, we’re told, contains a summoned goodly creature. The treasures of the house, and the key, reside beneath the statue. We can leave this place but only at various times, and this depends on the nature of the statue, in that it’s chaotic and unpredictable. The key that opens the way down is ‘broken’.The All key is dangerous and has been in the house a long time. The statue is a guardian and will react to a key, a disc with a red coil within it. It’s in 2 halves. The second half is held by a creature of chaos, ‘higher’ up. He also mentions that to find the first part you will need something dropped from the garden by a lady of the night a long time ago. [presumably we can go to the open courtyardand pick it up?]



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