The Still Night

Chapter 3

We arrive in the abandoned thieves guild and make our way through the chambers to the Snickleway at the end. Through the portal we arrive in a mainline sewer. We kill a few rats that get in our way as we pass through an underground, rat infested lair.

Dog goes for a swim.

“That’s not a big rat. THIS is a big rat! SQUEAL.”

A swirling vortex of air is found in a large chamber. Unimaginable colours and many shapes move around. As we enter the room various weapons and items turn in to other types of metal; armor turns to ice, backpacks to oil and boots to gold. Where the wall was turned to glass it turns to mist and seems further in to the room. Tar gets turned in to a dwarf.

Searching through the nest in the room we find a gold coin with a familiar design. It seems the same as the coin we already have – the one that lets people in to the secret thieves guild.

We happen upon a rat god statue and some powerful minions. A quick but tough fight later and the main protagonists escape.We find a map with 2 parts; the temple of the rat god to the Ebon Hand and a map of an unknown building complex – probably underground. An inscription on the map reads: “Abhoth source of all uncleanliness who slumbers deep below with the others.”

We find the second piece of the tree. It seems to be growing new gold coins. We now need to take the tree back to he Griffin chair room in our guild place and put the tree on the desk.

Some goblins waylay us when we head back to the guild base, shooting from murder holes. Moving towards where the griffin table was located we see some goblins running off down the corridor with it. We touch a rune and all travel to what we presume is the next level of the guild home. Red touches the rune and travels to a different place to the rest of the party.

“They don’t stand a chance. Come on …”. Red hears some voices in his head but they seem to be coming from down a corridor. A stuffed raven sits on a spike overseeing what it claims is an arena. Within the arena the raven claims are lots of invisible goblins. For just a few drops of blood he can help one side or the other. After a bit of blood donated on its beak it starts to rain fire on the invisible assassins. Unseen by Red the rest of the party continue to battle the goblins on the second floor of the guilds base. There’s a glowing rune on the underside where the raven sits.

Placing the raven on Red’s shoulder he moves to join the rest of the party. A battle ensues with more of the goblins but eventually all is quiet and we eventually hunt down the griffin table. Placing the joined pieces of the tree on the table allows the tree to merge with the table. We play with the three main branches of the tree and start to learn how to move the Snickleways. A couple of people get headaches and we decide to reunite the griffin chair with the table. This makes things simpler and control of the Snickleways becomes less challenging. We move one of the Snickleways.

Tar uses the druidic cupping technique to get the tree to release the coins. We gain 8 gold coins. Tar offers the acorn to the tree and the tree raps it in one of its leaves.

We sleep. Dog and Slab both awaken covered in sores. Charity and Red awaken covered in blue moss and fully rested.

We put some surrendering goblins in jail and move through the Snickleway and back to mothers.

Going back to the guild is appears mothers was lost and the guild had to move. We bring the guild back to it’s old/new home and people start tidying up.

Info: Kill Ravens are another criminal organisation. The Kill Ravens attacked the Balakazar’s while the Balakazar’s were attacking Mothers.

Info: Kandar is one of our priests.

A few days pass. The Green Man takes us to the guilds Red level (level 2). The Green Man changes in to a Green Dragon and declares himself a druid and part of the ‘Circle of Green’. IT was the Green Man that sent Haydn back to the alley periodically. The CoG tinkers with events in the world. Apparently, we now bear the mark of Chaos – an 8 pointed star. There are other marks on us but it’s less clear what these marks are for. The time of the third moon is more than 18,000 years old. The time of chaos started around 30 years ago. The Green Man has fought against agents of Chaos and are concerned that we would travel down an unwelcome path. For this reason he wishes to keep us close so he can guide us to a more considered path.

Of the prison: Information was extracted from the Kings Tear and presents us with the information. The prison seems to stop demons from leaving and souls moving on to their deity. Raise Dead spell seems to work but Resurrection doesn’t. This is odd given souls cannot leave the place. It could be that the items created to bind powerful creatures is also binding souls.

The ultimate end goal is to close the bane warrens.

There were 2 options to get funds to raise the dead guild members, including our priest.
1. The All key (see below)
2. To curry favour with one of the temples of the priest. We chose St. Valian’s cathedral.

The All key: A minor artifact that may be able to unlock a chest we have that can’t be opened, even by Haydn. If we can get rid of the source of all Uncleanliness then this would curry favour with a lot of priest sects within the city. From here we could get the clergy to raise from the dead some of our fallen companions. From looking at the map, there’s a cult of pestilence nearby that many would benefit from its removal.

There’s an old warehouse within the city that was the last known location of the All Key artifact.

On the way to some underground passageways we encounter strange events on a bridge. We believe a dwarf was casting spells and summoning creatures. The watch comes along and moves people on after slaying the remaining creatures.



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