The Still Night

A lump of purest Green

When we wake in the morning there’s a large degree of commotion within the guild. Turns out the moon is now green – they’re calling it the Valis Moon – the Moon of Magic.

Dog hears a rumour that the nomad army has appeared outside and is erecting siege equipment.

The chap in purple sends us a further message. Jessica wants to meet us for breakfast at the Temple of Deep Chaos.

We travel to see Jevica, meeting Knobby along the way – robbing a bookcase as he goes. Knobby suggests he knows a way out of the city should we need it. Knobby points the way to The Lost Way pub where Jevica is waiting for us. Progressing to the pub we’re let in by the landlord and told to go to room 12. Meeting Jevica, she’s missing her magical glass arm.

We’re informed the Valis moon makes magic more powerful but more unpredictable. When the moon is full then some spells may be considered ‘maximized’. When items start glowing green. that’s when they’re becoming unstable.

We’re given the services of Eric, an arcane archer.

Jevica encourages us to look out at the window and look out across the city. Across old town there’s an enormous, inverted pyramid hovering above old town, approximately 1,000 meters a side. At the height of the green moon it’s possible the Inverted Pyramid may explode, or the the magic keeping it in the air may fail, leaving the pyramid to fall to the ground.

Jevica produces another image, that of an elven lycanthrope who she claims is the person the nomad horde is looking for. Perhaps if we find this person and toss him over the city wall then the horde will leave. This elf has various tribal tattoos on his torso and a birthmark on his left cheek – of a crescent. This is the same birthmark as the children who would become giant insects.

Wantad was waiting for us to leave the Temple of Deep Chaos and entered as we left. The Kelcicaro (the lawful artifact): The fiery lady was greatly perturbed that it was missing and, in its place, a crystal was found. When Wantad struck the crystal an undead creature emerged that had to be fought. After several iterations of striking the crystal and fighting the undead, Wantad made off with the fragments. The fiery lady blamed ourselves for the loss of the Kelcicaro though clearly it wasn’t anyone within our group. This perhaps suggests that there are conflicting groups within the chaos cults.

A chaos machine, 200 foot tall. A gambling game where chaos seems absent. There’s a gambling establishment that Jevica believes the chaos machine is underneath, somewhere in south market. This game is Mrathrach. The place is called “The Vast”, in South Market. We’re urged to venture to The Vast and destroy the machine. We’re expecting the fiery woman to be there also.

Jevica refers to the Green Man as the “upright man” and reveals that the guild have never been able to scry or locate him, and is therefore something of a celebrity within the mages guild. Jevica also asks for asylum for her and her guild, asking to be able to hire some space from the guild, for the cost of 3 green-bound-chests.

The broken one the dagger referring to Monty when she mentions this? Apparently this comment is directed at Red. “I (the dagger) keep on talking to the broken one but it never answers back”.

Returning to the guild we make the Jevica’s offer which is instantly accepted and then continue to The Vast, encountering a few insects along the way.

In The Vast there’s a gambling house where there’s a game of chance involving spinning cylinders. The game doesn’t seem to lose or win people much money, with people ending up pretty much even over a long period of time. It’s suspicious that the purpose of the game seems geared to removing the chance element of the game and to encourage people to just play the game over a long period. We suspect the game is powering the chaos artifact underneath.

We move to the sewers to find a way around the casino. We encounter a troll, which we subdue but don’t slay. Moving beyond the sewer to a nearby door we find a trap door down a large shaft. 150 ft later we find an exit to a short passageway leading to a very wide and deep shaft. Multiple horizontal platforms, connected by vertical ladders, lead down to what we hope is a control room – from which we hope to be able to destroy the apparatus. Within the control room are some humans and large insects. Even further below there is an undead demonic toad, complete with entrails weeping from it’s stomach. On the same level is a ram headed creature with a flaming staff.

We travel to the next level of interest, slaying a few insect creatures as we go. Beyond that are salamander creatures with repeating crossbows and some wraiths. Dog throws a spanner in to the contraption which screeches as the machine rotates. Further below is a dwarf in an 8 legged spider-like harness.

Tar sets off a large white dragon/stone giant/chaos thing that demands a password before then attacking. Multiple combats ensure as Charity falls a few levels to the ground. Demonic, horned creatures with fiery staves shoot cones of fire and walls of flame across our path. The fiery angel figure and the dwarven chaos-tec creatures retreat to the back of their caves as we finally slay the horned creatures.

We then move to engage with a hideous winged demon. The creature has its guts half hanging out and seems impervious to our attacks; we’ve tried normal damage, fire and magic missiles – all to no avail. The fight continues …



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